CDA Candidates

In order to properly complete your application process, you will need to find a PD Specialist nearest you to conduct your Verification Visit. To assist you with this process, we have created the Find-A-PDSpecialist Online Directory. Using your workplace zip code, the directory will show you all of the PD Specialists in your area. Once you locate a PD Specialist near you, you must fill out a contact request form for the PD Specialist you've chosen. Once the PD Specialist confirms and accepts your request, you can then add their Council designated PD Specialist ID# to your application. Learn how to search the directory OR Use the link below to start your search:


PD Specialists

Your Profile in the PD Specialist Portal is directly linked with the online Find-A-PDSpecialist Directory. As an active PD Specialst you may access the PD Specialist portal anytime and update your profile, and opt-in or opt-out of being in the online directory. There you may upload your photo and promote your PD Specialist services by including a public statement of your choice directed to the CDA Candidates.



Are you interested in becoming a PD Specialist?

To become a PD Specialist you must first meet the eligibility requirements. Once you verify that you meet all the eligibility requirements you can apply to take the online training.

If you have already applied and your application has been accepted, you can Enter the PD Specialist Portal to begin your training.

Contact us with your questions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .