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CDA Professional Development Specialist

The R.O.R. Model

CDA Professional Development Specialist

What is the PD Specialist?

The Council Representative and Advisor roles have been converted into one role - the CDA Professional Development Specialist. The PD Specialist adopts many of the tasks of Rep and Advisor, maximizing the skills, knowledge and experience of advanced early childhood professionals to better utilize their time and skills for each Candidate.

The PD Specialist is the professional who brings to the table the mentoring/coaching skills and ECE expertise needed to stimulate the Candidate's self-reflection in their professional development process – a perfect fit for those who have previously served as Council Reps.

What is the PD Specialist be responsible for?

The PD Specialist:

  • Reviews the Candidate's Professional Portfolio, training transcripts/certificates and Family Questionnaires
  • Observes the Candidate working with children and record criterion evidence
  • Reflects with the Candidate, focusing on areas of strength or growth found in the Portfolio or seen in the Observation.
  • Submits the Competency Recommendation Scores to the Council that contribute to the final credentialing decision.

When are the PD Specialists expected to observe Candidates?

The Observation should take place on the regular program day during a time period, mutually agreed upon, when the PD Specialist will have the greatest opportunity to observe the Candidate as the primary caregiver working with a group of children.

The PD Specialist, working with the Candidate, have the flexibility to schedule the Review session and Reflection session of the Verification Visit (one hour each) immediately after the Observation, later in the day or on another day that week (for example, on a Saturday).

Is the PD Specialist compensated?

Yes. PD Specialist are paid $100 per Candidate.

Who is eligible to become a PD Specialist?

The requirements to become a PD Specialist can be found here. We encourage any qualified person to consider being a CDA PD Specialist. In addition, Specialists must have access to the Internet and an active email account.

Are previous Council Representatives eligible?

All those who previously servced as Council Representatives – the Council's most valuable contributors - are eligible to take the training and become CDA Professional Development Specialists. Click here to apply.

How do I start the PD Specialist training?

All ECE professionals interested in becoming a PD Specialist must complete the PD Specialist application. The Council will review your application and will inform you when you may proceed to the online training.

R.O.R. Model™

What is the R.O.R. Model™?

"R.O.R." stands for Review – Observe - Reflect. These are the tasks undertaken by the CDA Professional Development Specialist. They contribute to the assessment of the Candidate's competency.

During the Verification Visit, the Specialist:

  • Reviews the contents of the Professional Portfolio, the training transcripts/certificates and Parent Questionnaires
  • Observes the Candidate working with children, recording criterion evidence where applicable, and
  • Reflects with the Candidate, focusing on the Candidate's areas of strength or growth found in the Portfolio and/or seen in the Observation

What is the Professional Portfolio?

(Formerly the Professional Resource File) In the new credentialing system, the Candidate compiles their materials to create their Professional Portfolio. The Portfolio is composed of:

  • A Professional Philosophy Statement
  • Six (6) Reflective Statements of Competence
  • Ten (10) Resources

Are Family Questionnaires still included in the new credentialing system?

Family opinions have always been a valuable part of certifying teacher competency. Family Questionnaires (previously Parent Questionnaires) are collected by the Candidate and used to complete the Reflective Dialogue worksheet in the Professional Portfolio.