Early Educators Leadership Conference: Leading Career Pathways to Equity

October 5, 2022 8:00 am EST - 09:00 EST

Your journey to 2022 EELC starts here…

Join the Council for Professional Recognition at the premier annual event for the ECE community. This year’s conference will focus on advancing equity in early learning, through advocacy for young children, families and the educators who serve them.

The 2022 EELC will provide you with an opportunity to discuss with industry leading experts the obstacles that affect the field, and the support and recognition our field is worthy of. You will have the opportunity to:

Navigate the road to change and recognition the fi eld deserves

  • Steer your passion to discover your professional track
  • Collide with movers and shakers in the fi eld to build your network
  • Fine-tune your next steps to have an impact on our youngest learners
  • Guide and extend your stay and enjoy the family friendly attractions in Orlando, FL

Our retreat-style conference offers nearly 30 sessions tailored to your interests. You will be inspired and gain valuable information to improve your daily work with children, families and colleagues. EELC offers a unique blend of sessions targeting self-care and visionary methods of elevating the ECE community.


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