2020 Early Educators Leadership Conference

January 23, 2020

Published by CounciLINK on January 23, 2020

CallThe Council’s annual Early Educators Leadership Conference is the preeminent meeting of the early childhood education community. Every year the conference presents engaging opportunities to enhance your knowledge, learn about trending topics in the field and network with colleagues. If you have never been a part of this sp¬ecial gathering, this is the year to get involved. The Council invites you to submit proposals for presentations at the EELC on October 13-16 at the Lansdowne Resort & Spa in Leesburg, VA

The meeting is sure to draw a crowd, keen to hear what you have to say, because 2020 is a special year for the CDA. And the conference theme is Celebrating 45 Years of the CDA: Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present and Shaping the Future. The CDA has left a lasting mark on the ECE profession, and you can, too, by sharing your expertise. Submit your proposal and take advantage of this chance to speak to leaders and future leaders of our field.

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