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April 23, 2020

Published by CounciLINK on April 23, 2020

Renewal-Amnesty More-Time-3It’s time to renew your CDA credential? Here are a few tips to make renewing easy, efficient and quick!

  •  Know your expiration date and plan to meet all renewal requirements in time
  • Download the Renewal Procedures Guide
  1. The Renewal Procedures Guide is required reading for both your Verifier and you. It gives a detailed account of all current renewal requirements and goes into documentation requirements as well
  2. Have your ECE Reviewer download the Information for the Early Childhood Education Reviewer booklet
  3. Be sure to meet all the requirements before submitting a renewal application
  1. The tutorials walk you through all the steps of the online application process — from accessing your account to making a payment
  • Renew online at YourCouncil. You’ll save money, gain time and receive automated status alerts throughout the application process
  1. You do not need to create a new account to renew online. As a CDA Renewal Candidate you already have an existing account that you can access in YourCouncil.
  2. If you do create a new account, please note that it will not list your current credentialing information
  • Make sure to give yourself enough time to complete all renewal requirements and submit your application before your credential expires

Learn more on our website about why to renew your CDA online


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