Perspectives for Parents

April 22, 2021

Each year, we honor Earth Day: a special day devoted to celebrating the wonder of the natural world and dreaming of ways to protect and cultivate it for years to come. And one of the best ways that adults can help children grow in appreciation for the earth is through outdoor play and nature adventures. Discover 3 reasons why we should celebrate Earth Day with young children of all ages, based on guidance for creating outdoor learning spaces from Essentials for Working with Young Children.

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The First 1,000 Days

Across the globe, in places like Uganda and Dublin, mothers are being made aware that the 1,000 day period from the beginning of pregnancy to a child’s second birthday will, as midwife Susan Ejang says....

The Voice of the Practitioner

By Dr. Robert Gundling, Deputy Operating Officer,  Sunshine Early Learning Center  Imagine a world where the voice of early care and education leaders, advocates, administrators and teachers, mainly in community-based programs is represented in articles...