Why the Child Development Associate Matters and How to Find the Right Provider

July 20, 2021


There are several reasons why the CDA® credential is essential to people in early childhood education.

First, it’s the most widely recognized credential in our field and an important step for teachers who want to pursue both personal and professional growth. Earning a CDA establishes a foundation for delivering high-quality care to young children and demonstrates that you possess the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with children, families and colleagues.

Second, many states and accrediting bodies require teachers to have their CDA to hold certain positions. If you aspire to advance in your career, you can’t ignore the credential’s importance.

Third, earning your CDA makes you more marketable in the early childhood workplace. The CDA demonstrates quality, and schools and centers use that to draw in more families. Increasing enrollment improves the bottom line—which can translate into higher wages for you.

The benefits of earning your CDA remain the same, regardless of how you complete the process. Still, NOT all CDA coursework providers are the same. Finding the right fit is important, just like it is for any professional development or training.

For starters, it’s best to seek out a CDA Gold Standard℠ certified provider. That way, you know you’re receiving the highest-quality training and will be prepared for the CDA exam.

The Council for Professional Recognition has done a great job evaluating its Gold Standard providers to ensure their coursework meets all the criteria to get CDA candidates ready come exam time. Preparing for the CDA is a serious venture, and you want to ensure you’re investing your time wisely. So, find a provider that’s going to help you.

Next, you want to make sure your provider gives you the flexibility you need to complete the coursework. Working professionals are likely stretched thin already, so it’s best to find a provider that will accommodate your schedule.

Finally, seek out a provider that gives you access to one-on-one assistance. Education coaches and other personal supports provide many pluses that will encourage you and lead to a more promising experience overall.

If you’re ready to begin your CDA journey, ChildCare Education Institute’s (CCEI) certification might be the right one for you. As a CDA Gold Standard Comprehensive provider, CCEI has a proven high-quality online program and is prepared to meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to learn more and get started today!


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