New Era for the CDA Credential

The Council for Professional Recognition is proud to announce the arrival of the revised CDA credentialing process.

The new process strengthens Candidates’ professional development experience while also streamlining it, making it easier for you to understand and navigate.

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Renew your CDA credential

Be someone special in a child’s life as they master skills, develop friendships, become more independent, and begin to discover new ways of thinking and understanding themselves and the world around them.

Renew your CDA credential today.

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Order the New Essentials!

The highly anticipated "Essentials for Working with Young Children is available for order in our online bookstore. The new Essentials has everything you need to know to successfully prepare for the CDA Verification Visit and Exam.

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Call Us Anytime: Here's How!

The new automated system offers customers 24/7 access to information. The self-service feature allows the Council community to check the status of their new or renewal application, check the status of a publication order and a host of other options at a time convenient for them.

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Register for the Council's Spring 2014 Webinars

Learn more about the CDA Credentialing Process through the Council's upcoming Webinar Sessions...

Join the Council weekly for live online information sessions. We will be focusing on three main topics: Navigating the CDA Credentialing Process, Developing a Professional Portfolio, and Preparing for the Verification Visit and CDA Exam.

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