Working together to improve early childhood education.

Making a Difference

Partnerships extend the reach of your organization and the Council by fostering collaboration to ensure more early childhood educators are equipped to reach millions of our youngest children around the world! If you’re ready to help advance early childhood education and increase recognition for the profession, please join us.

Why Partner with Us?

Formal partnerships with the Council are mutually beneficial. Partners receive account support, marketing and communications, technical assistance, and opportunities to collaborate with the Council on major strategic initiatives. The Council benefits by working more closely with partners to support growth, elevate effective early childhood strategies, and to learn from direct practitioners.

Who Are Our Partners?

The Council partners with a wide range of organizations, including childcare providers, workforce training organizations, higher education institutions, high schools, associations, advocacy groups, government agencies, international organizations and more!

NOTE: The Council’s partnership program does not constitute an endorsement of any partner company or its products and services. The Council is not responsible for the content of videos, advertisements, promotions, claims, policies, training material, or the quality/reliability of the products, services, or positions offered by external sources.

Who Is Eligible?

All partner applications will be reviewed based on the business soundness of the organization, experience of the organization, and readiness of both the Council and the organization to achieve the goals and benefits of the partnership.

What Is the Fee?

The fee is based on the type of organization and is valid for a term of 2 years, unless otherwise noted.

Non-Profit: $1,500/year, 2-year term

For-Profit: $2,500/year, 2-year term

Education Institution: $1,500/year, 2-year term

CDA Gold Standard Organization: $1,000/year, 2-year term

International: Custom fee and term

Is Partnering the Right Fit?

Formal partnerships with the Council require an investment of time, resources and engagement. Not all organizations need formal partnerships to work directly with the Council. Some short-term projects can require only a brief collaboration. We can discuss whether a formal partnership or just a positive collaboration on a project is best suited for your organization.

Applying for Partnership

The new partnership application is available here:

The partnership application will be reviewed between October 18-22, 2021. We will notify you of a decision on your partnership application the week of November 1-5, 2021. For existing partners, we will contact you regarding renewal of your partnership agreement as they come up for expiration.

Questions? Contact the Growth & Business Development Team at