Council Alumni Network (CAN)

The Council Alumni Network (CAN) is a community of engaged ECE stakeholders.

Welcome to CAN!

The Council Alumni Network (CAN) comprises a diverse community of ECE stakeholders that spans across the U.S. and abroad. Our mission is to provide recognition, resources and opportunities to Council program participants and stakeholders through the cultivation of shared best practices, insights and access to special interest networks. Whether you’re a current or former CDA, a PDS, Gold Standard representative, sponsor, partner or strong ECE advocate, we invite you to be a part of this valuable community.

Our “We CAN” Culture

Take advantage of opportunities to provide resources and advice for early educators seeking career development through mentorship.

  • Engage in powerful conversations about the profession
  • Share proven research and case studies

Increase your visibility and impact as a leader by serving as a CAN Regional Ambassador, ECE Influencer, Friend or Sponsor.

  • Submit an article about you or your organization’s latest projects
  • Be a key contact for other participants in your region

Build strong alliances to share and discuss strategies to promote more innovation, recognition, improvements, and stability within our workforce.

  • Participate in quarterly regional meetings
  • Identify, recruit, and engage other CAN participants
  • Attend and/or host face-to-face and virtual events

Participant Benefits

There is no fee to access the community. No matter how you may choose to participate, we’ll provide opportunities for you to stay engaged and connected to your colleagues and other alumni participants, including special events and promotions.

Eligibility to Join

Anyone who has participated in a program that is administered or funded by the Council for Professional Recognition is welcome to join. A few examples of Council programs include:

  • Current and past CDA® earners
  • CDA Professional Development Specialists™
  • CDA Gold Standard Specialists™
  • CDA Gold StandardSM Awardees
  • Partners or Stakeholders
  • And more!

Participate as a CAN Regional Ambassador

CAN Regional Ambassadors are participants interested in a leadership position in their local region. A CAN Regional Ambassador’s primary role is to help promote the importance of the CDA as part of a unifying framework, share best practices related to their work in the ECE industry, and encourage the use of the resources developed by the Council. Click the button below to learn more about the ambassador role in the CAN community.

Become a CAN Presenter

The Council Alumni Network (CAN) is looking for talented and passionate speakers. As a contributor, you will inspire ECE professionals to become leaders and take care of themselves while growing professionally. Presenting for CAN allows you to share your passions, experience and expertise for the field we all value.

All webinar proposals should be submitted by March 31st.

Write for CAN

The Council Alumni Network (CAN) is looking for talented and passionate writers. As a contributor, you will empower ECE professionals to own their leadership and practice self-care while growing professionally. Writing for CAN allows you to share your passions, experience and expertise for the field we all value.