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Keep Your MSA Credential Valid

The MSA Renewal Process gives you the opportunity to reaffirm your competence as a Military School-Age Associate. An MSA Credential is valid for three years from the award date, after which it may be renewed in 5-year increments. Please note: You must renew your MSA Credential before it expires. Since you may submit your MSA Renewal Application no sooner than 6 months before your credential expires, make sure to prepare in advance and be ready to submit a complete application with supporting documents when your renewal window opens.

All MSA Renewal candidates must provide the following:

  1. Documented proof of a current Red Cross or other agency Pediatric First Aid Certificate (see below). The certification must include 1) treatment for blocked airway and 2) rescue breathing for infants and young children.
  2. Documented proof of at least 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs); or 45 hours of formal education; or a three-credit-hour course. All coursework must be in school-age care, child development, family systems, recreation or physical education. The CEUs must be obtained under the auspices of an agency or organization with expertise in school-age care.
  3. Documented proof of a minimum of 80 hours of work experience with children within the past year. This should be a letter on official letterhead from a supervisor.
  4. A completed Letter of Recommendation Form regarding the MSA’s competence with school-age children prepared by a School-Age Education Reviewer.
  5. Documented proof of membership within the last past year in a national or local School-Age professional organization.

The MSA Renewal Application processing fee is $150. Please be sure to secure your funds before you apply for MSA Renewal. Payment vouchers/authorization are available to cover the cost of MSA Renewal at your garrison or installation.

You may purchase the MSA Renewal Packet from the Council Book Store. Before ordering, please check with your MSA Coordinator or training program to see if there is an MSA Renewal packet available.

Upon receipt of the application, full payment and supporting documents, Council staff will review the materials to make a credentialing decision on your renewal. If the materials are incomplete or do not meet requirements, the Council will notify you, and you will be given the opportunity to resolve the problem within a specified time period.

To ensure children’s safety, all MSAs applying for renewal will need to meet the first aid requirement.

Pediatric First Aid Certification

The certification must 1) include treatment for a blocked airway and 2) rescue breathing for infants and young children.



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