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How to apply for a CDA in a language other than English and Spanish.


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The Council celebrates and respects the demographics and diversity in the early childhood population of our national and international community. We want to support every candidate involved in a program that requires him or her to use a language other than English or Spanish, including sign language, in working with children and their families. The Council offers a specific process for candidates working in “Other Languages” to ensure a rewarding CDA assessment experience and opportunities for professional development.

IMPORTANT: Candidates who wish to apply for an assessment in a language other than English or Spanish must receive approval by the Council prior to submitting their application.

Candidates with positions that require them to conduct their daily work with children and their families in a language other than English or Spanish. American Sign Language is considered another language.

The process for candidates submitting an online application follows:

  1. Candidates must submit their request for an assessment in an Other Language online.
  2. Candidates cannot proceed with their online application until their request has been reviewed and the Council has made a decision on their request.
  3. Once their request has been approved, the candidate must then complete and submit their online application and the $425 assessment fee.

The process for candidates submitting a paper application follows:

  1. The candidate completes the request form for Monolingual Assessments (in one Other Language) or Bilingual Assessments (in English and an Other Language), which can be found here.
  2. The candidate submits the completed form to the Council, via email.
  3. The Council will determine the candidate’s eligibility
  4. The Council will send a response letter that includes the guidelines for the type of assessment and the required forms to be completed and signed by the candidate, and the program director or administrator, except in the case of American Sign Language.
  5. The candidate and the program director or administrator must return signed statements to the Council agreeing on the conditions of the assessment.
  6. Once all the signed statements are received, the Council sends the official approval letter and approved request form to the candidate with final instructions.
  7. Candidates must then submit their paper application, a copy of the official approved request form, and the $500 assessment fee.

Note: Candidates approved by the Council to apply for an assessment in Other Language using a paper form may NOT submit an online application



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