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May 23, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on May 23, 2019

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If you had an awesome learning experience at last year’s Early Educators Leadership Conference in Maryland, you’re really going to love this year’s EELC in Atlanta, set for Oct 8-11. And you’ll get to enjoy it in style!

The conference is being held at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort on Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain, of course, has a rich history that dates back to the Civil War. It was even mentioned in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic I Have a Dream speech.

The resort has lots of every-room features, including plush bedding, a mini-refrigerator, a reading chair, an ample desk and Wi-Fi. Generous suites enjoy separate living, dining and sleeping areas and inviting outdoor space with scenic views.

And, of course, we have some outstanding speakers and sessions on tap. This month, we’ll start highlighting speakers and sessions:

Be the Change: Agents for Educational Leadership

» Shifts Happen as We Reframe

Presenter: Mary E. Farrelly, Owner – Haniels Heart Healing Energy LLC

Session Description: Our thoughts create our reality and actions that we choose. As we learn to use The Reframe Game, we change our view of what we see. Shifts in our thinking occur as we reframe the thoughts we have running through our minds on a daily basis. The cognitive tool is about becoming aware of what we are thinking or saying to ourselves – our inner dialogue. Words have power and energy. Your thoughts and words affect your mind, your body and your spirit and thereby affect others around you. Take this technique, apply it to your own life, and teach it to those around you and you will shift.

A Dream and A Vision for the Workforce: Embarking on Innovative Practices

» Let’s Not Forget Our Boys: Prioritizing Differentiated Learning

Presenter: Nathan Hollis II, Assist. Dir.of Academic Prgms. – Grand Canyon University

Session Description: In line with the very significant #MeToo movement and similar initiatives, there has been a continued focus to build the social emotional toolkit of young girls in our school system in an effort to empower them and defy self-limiting mindsets. However, much of the culture in our American society will only improve once boys and men understand their roles in demonstrating personal responsibility, sustaining healthy relationships and committing to an empathetic and productive society. As educators, it is imperative we are clear about the nature of development for boys and identify productive methods for engaging and encouraging them.

Completing the Circle: Serving the Whole Child!

» One Child: Recognizing Early Signs of Mental Illness in Young Children

Presenter: Debra Pierce, Professor – Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Session Description: Studies tell us that mental illness in young children can begin early, but it is often not diagnosed for years. Statistics about young children from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) are staggering and illustrate how important it is to address this issue. As administrators, program. directors and early educators, we need to be aware of the subtle indicators that are too often misinterpreted or ignored. Paying attention to specific behaviors, body language and reactions to environmental stimuli during daily interactions can give us opportunities to initiate early intervention.

Charting Unfamiliar Waters: The Global Language of Learning

» Introducing the CDA to Africa

Presenter: Muriel Baskerville, International Visiting Instructor – Badr University Cairo

Learning Objectives:
1. List challenges for expanding internationally.
2. Determine strengths of local community.
3. Develop strategies for introduction/implementation.

So don’t waste any time. Register for this scintillating conference today!!! For more information, go to


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