CDA PD Specialist™ Highlight: Lowery Pursues Lifelong Learning to Improve Children’s Lives

August 22, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on August 22, 2019

Judith Lowery Judith Lowery has been an early childhood educator for close to two decades, but she still strives to learn more in her field. “Every year,” she said, “I gain important knowledge to impart to my students in an industry that’s constantly changing.”

Her determination to keep honing her professional skills inspires students at Area 31 Career Center in Indianapolis, IN, where she has taught for the past four years. Her program serves high school students from 11 school districts and offers them the chance to earn a Child Development Associate (CDA®) credential. She knows CDA® training holds students to the highest standards and provides them with cutting-edge ways to educate young children.

Lowery stays at the forefront of her field by working closely with an advisory board of college administrators and industry professionals. Twice a year, she meets with her colleagues to discuss the Career Center’s program, her state’s changing requirements and the needs of local childcare centers. Visiting these settings allows her to stay in touch with current practices and programs, as do the verification visits she makes as a CDA Professional Development Specialist™ to assess candidates for the CDA®.

Recently, she also has been using her assessment skills to help struggling preschools improve their programs. The preschools call on her to put together training sessions for their educators and work with their directors one-on-one.

“My goal is always to improve the children’s environment by boosting their educators’ knowledge base,” Lowery said. This mission inspires her to keep abreast of current research on young children, partner with stakeholders and keep developing her sk


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