CDA Strengthens ECE Competence for Army Early Childhood Educators

September 27, 2018

Published by CounciLINK on September 27, 2018

militaryThe U.S. Army continues to be a strategic Council partner that provides high-level training for the early childhood educators (ECE) who work with military families at child-development centers. All ECEs who work at the Army centers are required to have a current CDA credential.

To help the Army with its early education mission, Council CDA experts Kimberly Cephas and Vilma Williams recently conducted two training sessions at the Army Annual Child & Youth Services Professional Development Day at Fort Belvoir, VA.

Cephas provided an overview of the CDA assessment and credentialing system, and Williams conducted a session on the preparation of a CDA professional portfolio. All participants were Army early childhood staff preparing for CDA assessment. The Council’s hands-on and interactive sessions provided training focused on the professional preparation of its participants, which included CDA sessions and information on Educational Experience on S.T.E.A.M program-related themes.

“It was such a delight that the Council offered the workshops last year. Our number of staff showing interest in CDA has increased since last year’s workshops, and the workshops were a positive impact to the Fort Belvoir CYS organization,” said Noriceli Adorno-Maldonado, Training and Curriculum specialist responsible for the CDA Preparation Program at Ft. Belvoir. “This year alone we in Fort Belvoir have renewed and issued new CDA credentials like never before. This year we have a large number of staff eager to start their CDA and these workshops are a wonderful educational tool to their CDA Credential process.”


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