Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr. Joins Panel on Equity for the Early Childhood Workforce

May 27, 2021

Creating-PathwaysOur early educators must have equitable pathways to advancement, said a recent panel at the Hunt Institute, a NC nonprofit that strives to improve education. The members of the panel included experts from the National Association for Family Child Care, National Association for the Education of Young Children, BUILD Initiative and the Council’s CEO, Dr Calvin Moore. Together, they explored ways to build up the well-prepared, well-supported and diverse early childhood workforce that can provide all children with quality learning. Our children deserve it, so we must take steps to increase compensation for early childhood teachers and expand access to credentials like the CDA, as Dr. Moore pointed out. “The early education of children is in the public interest, so the public has to pay its share.” Building equity for the early childhood workforce is good for teachers, it’s good for children—and it’s good for us all.

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