Dynamic PA Teacher Prepares Students for Ever-Changing Field

March 28, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on March 28, 2019

Jennifer-Jones sqJennifer Jones brings real-world know-how to the classroom as a teacher at Lehigh Career and Technical Institute in Schnecksville, PA.

She has only been at Lehigh for a year. But before that, she owned a child care facility for six years in Allentown, where she applied her training as a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Family and Consumer Science program.

Her education, she explained, also “prepared her for the ever-changing dynamics in the classroom” when she came to Lehigh.

Jones’ classroom approach combines academics, real-life experience with kids and work toward the Child Development Associate (CDA®) credential.

“By combining our detailed early childhood curriculum with practical skills,” she said, “I am providing a holistic view of early childhood careers to prepare students for life after high school.”

The students have the chance to work at an onsite child care facility, as well as many high-quality child care facilities off campus. And whatever questions they might have, students know they can turn to Jones for answers.

She’s known for having a warm spirit and wonderful sense of humor that puts her students at ease, though it’s plain that she holds them accountable for the important work they do.

And the person she’s toughest on is herself.

“A critical aspect of my career includes continuing education, attending conferences and staying up to date with trends in my field,” Jones said.

Early childhood education is a changing field, and it’s lucky to have a dynamic teacher like her.


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