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May 22, 2024

Access to Child Care Improves Parent Mental Health, Reduces Stress

Recent data from KinderCare Learning Companies’ fifth annual Parent Confidence Index, a national study conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll, found that consistent, high-quality child care is the number one thing parents say would improve their mental health.

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Parents Tote Toddlers to DC to Press for Expanded Child Tax Credit, Child Care Funds

Families gathered outside the U.S. Capitol Tuesday to “make a fuss for babies,” who they believe are being left behind by lawmakers who direct only a fraction of U.S. resources to young children.

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What Would it Take to Attract Gen Z to Teaching

With interest in the teaching profession waning and enrollment in teacher preparation programs reaching historic lows, all eyes are on the next crop of students — tomorrow’s prospective educators — to make up the deficit.

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Day Without Child Care Highlights Need for Affordable Daycare, Increased Teacher Wages

For every child in daycare, there’s a parent at work in our community.

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