Getting to Know the Council

May 21, 2024

Meet Usma

Vice President of Brand Experience and Marketing

“I envision a world where intentional acts of goodness uplift every soul.”

Meet Usma Mohamed, the vibrant force behind the Brand Experience and Marketing Department. Her journey is not just a story of professional growth, but also a testament to the transformative powers of mentorship, kindness and cultural exploration. During her formative years, Usma found a guiding light in her math teacher. His kind support taught her the value of embracing one’s strengths instead of chasing perfection, a lesson that shapes her approach to both professional and personal endeavors.

With a heart fueled by kindness, Usma envisions a world where intentional acts of goodness lift up every soul. It’s a philosophy she embraces as she interacts with her Council team—and with the world at large. This makes Usma a perfect fit for the early learning field, where our teachers’ kindness plays such a key role in guiding children ahead.

Her belief in the importance of education, especially for young children, shines through as she discusses the value of the Child Development Associate® (CDA) Credential™. For Usma, it’s more than a qualification. It’s a journey toward becoming a competent educator and joining a supportive community dedicated to nurturing young minds. As an advocate for the CDA and the Council, Usma highlights the rich history of the Council and the CDA, which spans nearly five decades. Over the years, as she points out, the Council and its valued credential have served as pillars of goodwill, contributors to the childhood community, and beacons of a brighter future for teachers and young children.

Apart from her professional life, Usma finds comfort and joy in culinary exploration and serving her family the new dishes that she discovers. Cooking also allows her to delve into the diverse tapestry of global cuisines, an activity that reflects her inquisitive nature and appreciation for different cultures. This is a passion she also pursues through travel, and Usma’s trips are about more than visiting exotic locales. They’re journeys toward understanding and connection. Exploring diverse communities and traditions provides her with insights into human behavior and social dynamics, which she carries into her professional work. At the Council, Usma works to build equity and inclusion, and these are values on which she can share a first-hand view.

Usma has a multicultural background since her parents came from Sri Lanka, and she was born and raised in the UK. She now lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, Yazmin and Sabeena. They’re the core of Usma’s life, and they, too, have hearts fueled by kindness. Their pursuits in the fields of economics and criminal justice reflect Usma’s commitment to nurturing independent, driven individuals who make the world a better place.

That’s what superheroes do, and Usma’s favorite superhero is Venom. Like the symbiote, she embraces life’s challenges with adaptability and resilience, harnessing her inner strength to protect and empower those around her. Usma recently demonstrated these attributes by completing her doctoral degree in education at National University, which was a wonderful journey in learning and of growth. Her dissertation, “An Exploration of Uncertified Early Childhood Educators and their Perceptions of ECE Certification Training,”  was so compelling that she was invited to present it at the National University Poster session this month. Usma’s dissertation is scheduled for publication and should make an impression on the early learning field. Usma is also making an impact by serving as an elite member of National University’s President’s Circle. Her role as ambassador for the university gives her yet another chance to serve as a guiding light who lifts others up, spreads kindness and builds a better world through education. Usma’s transformative journey is still going on.



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