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August 23, 2018

Published by CounciLINK on August 23, 2018

High-Quality Infant/Toddler Educators Need Good Training and Public Support to Promote Child Development

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“High-Quality Infant/Toddler Educators Need Good Training and Public Support to Promote Child Development,” a white paper by the Council, sheds light on the gaps between what the 12 million children from birth to age 3 in the United States need for successful development and what education and care are available and accessible.

This white paper, now available in both Spanish and English, examines the learning and social-emotional needs of infants and toddlers and the training requirements and needs of early childhood educators. All infants and toddlers deserve the best opportunities for learning because these are crucial years for cognitive, social and emotional, language, and physical development. The current uneven quality of center- and home-based care and education stem from high costs, too little public-sector support, and the different caliber of preparation of infant/toddler educators.


Professionalizing Early Childhood Education Requires National Standards and Strong Career Pathways

Professionalizing SP Professionalizing
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High-quality early childhood education starts with the accessibility and availability of training for early childhood educators.

The Council’s white paper, available in Spanish and English, supports the need for national standards and strong career pathways as essential elements in the effort to professionalize the field. Our white paper addresses two foundational requirements:

  1. The need for national training and competency standards.
  2. Career Pathways.

Results from a recent CDA holders’ survey developed by the Council and The University of Virginia also show the level of impact the CDA has on these early childhood educators’ career pathways, education levels, and continuing education.


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