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May 27, 2021



Help us empower the early childhood profession to work more effectively with young children. Join a group of thought leaders in making the Child Development Associate® (CDA) credential a required step in career ladders nationwide. As a member of the Higher Education Consortium, you can help the Council build a cohesive system of high-quality programs to give our early childhood teachers the knowledge and skills they need. We’re convinced that the CDA has the power the unite our profession—especially with your collaboration. Together, we can establish an infrastructure that encourages innovation and helps institutions of higher ed bring our early childhood teachers to a higher level. Join the Higher Education Consortium and register for our webinar, PDS Recruitment: Strategies for Success, on June 4, 2021, at 1:30 PM (EDT).


As a member of the consortium, you can expand career pathways for the rising educators you serve. Your experience and expertise will help us enhance the value of our services, improve our products and boost engagement with the programs we provide:

  • Generate buy-in for new high-quality content and high-performing programs
  • Establish a teaching and learning infrastructure based on the CDA
  • Help CDA candidates gain college credits for their coursework, so they get a head start on higher degrees.

Target Audience

We encourage you to join us if you’re a faculty member or an administrator at a university or college. We also welcome the engagement of stakeholders who are connected with institutions of higher ed or working on their behalf.

Value Proposition for Consortium Members:

  • Get the opportunity to advocate for the early childhood industry on issues that impact the higher ed system
  • Gain influence in the early childhood field and make an impact on its future
  • Strengthen the alignment of your curriculum to the competencies of the CDA
  • Participate in focus groups that enrich CDA coursework and enhance the experience of CDA candidates
  • Network with colleagues who share your concerns and commitment to the early childhood profession.

Would you like to work with us on ways to serve CDA candidates even better?

PDS Recruitment: Strategies for Success Webinar

June 4, 2021, at 1:30 PM (EDT)

Presented in partnership with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Nebraska Extension. As a member of the Higher Education Consortium, Nebraska Extension shares the Council’s conviction that CDA Professional Development Specialists™ are an integral part of the CDA process. Learn how Nebraska Extension worked with the Council’s training and development team and state agencies to build a geographically diverse pool of PD Specialists in Nebraska.

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