Perspectives for Parents

September 23, 2020

The Council knows parents are their children’s first teachers. We’ve always encouraged our educators to share tips with parents on how to fill this key role. Now we’d like to reach out directly to moms and dads by giving them cutting-edge guidance. If you’re a parent or guardian, make sure you check out this space every month for resources, tips and best practices to bring out your child’s very best.

Questions You Should be Asking Child Care Providers During COVID-19

Are you scared to bring your child back to preschool during the pandemic? Are you worried about what questions to ask your provider? Read what Dr. Calvin Moore, Jr. recently shared with Scary Mommy. Scary Mommy is a major online community for millennial moms. Dr. Moore shared ways we can keep our kids secure and make sure that centers are taking the right steps—so we can all safely move ahead. Get the facts that you need to ease your fears.

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