A Shared Sense of Mission and Vision: The Head Start Virtual Open House

April 24, 2024

A Shared Sense of Mission and Vision: The Head Start Virtual Open House

“We have a long history with the Head Start Fellowship,” said Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr., Council CEO, as he kicked off a virtual open house for the latest group of fellows. This month, he welcomed a diverse group of rising early childhood leaders who had come to learn how the Child Development Associate®(CDA) Credential™ could help them make an impact on their communities nationwide. And that has been the goal of the Head Start Fellowship since it began in 1995 under the leadership of Dr. Carol Brunson Day, the Council’s first CEO. At the time, Dr. Day explained that the “fellowship was a natural match for the Council’s mission to foster the increased status and recognition of education professionals, so it provided a great chance to expand the capacity of promising leaders in the field.” And the Council did while administering the fellowship until 2005.

Despite the passage of time, this year’s cohort of fellows still have much to gain from the Council’s insights, as shown by the attendees’ interest while hearing from Council staff. Their presentations covered the full scope of Council efforts from advancing multilingual learning to boosting community engagement, from forming partnerships in the early childhood community to advocating for policies that benefit educators and young learners. In addition, Council staff described their work to refine the CDA assessment process and broaden the reach of the CDA, all to serve an enduring goal. Since the dawn of the fellowship under Dr. Day, the Council has strived to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, also the goal of Head Start. Together, we can reach the “North Star” of a society in which all children succeed with the support of competent early childhood teachers, as Dr. Moore pointed out. “We’re looking to you to be the next cohort of leaders, not only in Head Start but across the early learning landscape nationwide.”


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