Texas Teacher Pursues Mission to Improve ECE

June 27, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on June 27, 2019

TexasABILENE, TX – Shea Roberson once worked as a children’s minister at her church, a job that’s often misunderstood.

Many people think children’s ministers are just babysitters who change diapers and hand out toys. They also believe that young children can’t learn Bible stories or much of anything else and that all they do is cry.

They say the same things about early childhood educators, but people like Roberson are helping to set them straight. During 20 years in the ECE field, she’s worked to change the public mindset and show that young children can learn, especially in the pliant years from 0 to 5.

She began spreading the word about the value of ECE at a child resource and referral agency in Florida, where she started her career. She continued her mission as director of a Head Start site, where she also taught courses leading to the Child Development Associate (CDA®) credential.
Then developments in her own life led her down a different path for a few years. When her children were small, she worked as director of a part-time child care center at her church. And it was during this time that she also worked as a minister for children.

Roberson’s small flock grew bigger last year after her youngest began school. She started teaching ECE at Abilene High School in Texas, and her students should count their blessings that she did.

When she arrived at Abilene High, she realized the program wouldn’t let students graduate with a CDA unless they put in extra time during summers or after school to earn the 480 experience hours required for the credential. So she set up partnerships with a local Head Start and a private child care center that allow students to get the experience they need before getting their diploma.

She plans to become a CDA Professional Development Specialist and assess the educators of tomorrow.

“I would love to learn more about how to support students in acquiring their CDA,” Roberson said.

She knows it’s the gospel when it comes to ECE.


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