The 2020 Child Care Benchmark Survey: Make an Impact

August 27, 2020

This has been a year like few others, especially when it comes to child care. COVID-19 has hit our industry hard, but no one knows exactly how much. We need more data to ramp up and start rebuilding our field.

The Council and HiMama have partnered to conduct the 5th Annual Child Care Benchmark Survey. It asks in-depth questions about operations and financials to paint a detailed picture of our industry’s current state. A future report on our findings will help you see what is “normal” during the “new normal” and how you measure up with your peers.

We’re all in this health crisis together, and we must join forces to find answers. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey and make this year’s Benchmark Survey the best we’ve ever had. Your responses will remain anonymous, but they will make an impact. Getting timely data is a first crucial step in advancing and advocating for our field.

Take the Survey


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