The Impact of the Coronavirus on the ECE Community in China

February 27, 2020

Published by CounciLINK on February 27, 2020

ChinaA Day in the Life of China’s Newest PDS
by Wendy Watson, M.Ed.
Academic Director, ChildWise

Yidan Wang from Shanghai has just become the newest Professional Development Specialist for ChildWise on the China mainland. Like all PD Specialists, she is exceptional in many ways, and her circumstances today make her stand out even more.

Yidan was ready to visit her family in Wuhan for the Chinese New Year, and she was excited to return to her roots. She had her train ticket in hand when the Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan. On the advice of the local authorities there, Yidan cancelled her travel plans. She was disappointed but expected to rebook her trip as soon as the virus was under control.

As it turned out, that wouldn’t be any time soon. Within a few hours, Wuhan and its people, including Yidan’s family, were under indefinite lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.

Quarantined at home in Shanghai, Yidan was trying to pass the time and feeling a little helpless about her family and fellow citizens. One way she coped was by recording a song of support and sending it to her family and friends:

Another day has gone 黎明总会如期而至

Our hope can make us strong 心存希望我们更坚强

How could this be 怎么会这样

The silence rules the streets 寂静充斥着整个街道

We couldn’t say goodbye to those for whom we cry 我们不能与那些因为痛苦而哭泣的人说再见

The families tear apart for saving our loved ones 家庭分别 为拯救我们的亲人

Every day we pray to keep our strength and defeat their fear


And we want to sing to our home we’re here


You are not alone. I am here with you. Ni bing bu gu dan, wo zai ni shen bian


The path has been so hard, our hearts will light the way


NI bing bu gu dan

Working together we can win this fight


I want to you to know that I’ll be there

我们想让你知道 我会与你同在

We’ll be there


Ni bing bu gu dan wo zai ni shen bian

The path has been so hard, our hearts will light the way.

She also thought beyond herself by working to help the victims of the virus. As the epidemic raged on, medical supplies became more difficult to obtain. So Yidan reached out to some of the doctors in Wuhan’s hospitals. After making contact with one of them, she found an outside vendor and paid to ship N95 masks directly to the doctor and his staff.

They used them to care for the ill, and the doctor told her how proud he was of his staff members’ courage in the face of such a challenge. They’re heroes and so is Yidan.

Her sense of compassion reminds me that no caring act is too small. We can all do something to help our communities, our countries, and those in need around the world.

Congratulations, Yidan on becoming a PDS and doing your part to make the world better!

It is important to note that ChildWise’s first two PD Specialists, Yunfan Jiang and Xue Zhang, live and work in Wuhan. They have been under quarantine and in their homes for three weeks. The EYAS Kids group of teachers (25 of whom have just been awarded their first CDA), their families, the children they teach, and the children’s families are all under lockdown — hoping for the best.

We at the Council extend thoughts of comfort and peace to those who are affected by the virus.


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