12 Key Takeaways from our Simulated Online Renewal Live Chat

May 17, 2016


On May 4, our Renewal & Credentialing Team hosted its first Online Renewal Live Chat. In this live chat session, we answered questions from the audience about the new renewal procedures. My colleagues Raquel A. and Daria H. did a fantastic job in answering many of the questions that Candidates had on the new simplified online renewal application. As you may be aware, the Council instituted a new renewal process back in October of last year that makes it much easier for our candidates to renew their CDA. And, did I mention the online process now takes only 5-7 days instead of a month.

If you missed our Live Chat session, this blog post will provide you some of the important highlights from the live chat that will help you when applying for your CDA Renewal. Furthermore, we have made available to you a recorded version of the Simulated Renewal Webinar hosted by our own Raquel A., that you can watch on-demand at your convenience. To access the recorded webinar, click HERE.

blogpic1Going back to our live chat webinar session, I have compiled a list of the most important questions that we received during our session that I will share with you. I hope the answers to the most frequently asked questions will help you in getting your renewal completed in a timely manner, but most importantly my hope is that you will enjoy the new renewal system and the learning experiences achieved will provide positive outcomes in your early care profession.

Additionally, if you still have any questions on how to renew your CDA online, feel free to contact our Renewal Department at any time at customersupport@cdacouncil.org. Our Review & Credentialing Team Member, Raquel A. and her team representatives will do their best to help you out!

Here are 12 takeaways from our Live Chat webinar:

How can I submit my renewal documentation?
If you are applying online, you must upload your documents directly to our online application system, YourCDA.  Applying online is the quickest and most efficient way to submit your renewal application. Want to learn how to upload documents to our online system? Simply watch our video “How to Upload Documents to the YourCDA Online Renewal Application.”

If you are applying by mail you must mail all of your documents along with your application and renewal fee.


Do you offer any kind of manual that clearly explains the new procedures to renew my CDA Credential?
Absolutely, in fact, we have created a Renewal Procedures Guide that includes step-by-step information on the renewal process. You may download the guide for free from our website. Just be sure you download the guide that corresponds to your setting of work. To download the guide click HERE.



When does my credential expire?
-Initial credentials are valid for three (3) years from the issue date on the credential.
-Renewal credentials issued before July 1, 2013, are valid for five (5) years from the issue date on the credential.
-Renewal credentials issued July 1, 2013, and after are valid for three years from the issue date on the credential.

Can you explain the ECE Reviewers role?
The ECE Reviewer is the person you will select to verify that you have worked at least 80 hours with children specific to your credential type in the past year. Also, the ECE Reviewer is the person who writes the letter of recommendation based on your work with young children. The recommendation is based on the 13 functional areas that are available in the renewal procedures guide. It is based on CDA criteria, not just general recommendations. These conditions have specific criteria that you can find in the renewal procedures guide specific to your setting of work.

To summarize, the ECE reviewer will verify the 80 hours of work with young children and write your letter of recommendation.

I have taken online training courses through an ECE organizations, do I need them to complete the training verification form?
Yes. You would need someone in the organization to go over your training record. Someone in that organization will fill out the training verification form, sign it, and give it back to you. You wILL then upload the form to our online application system if you are applying online or submit it with your paper application.

I completed 12 hours of training at work does this count for my renewal?
If you are receiving in-service training and your employer is hiring an off-site organization to provide the training or sending you off-site to receive the training you may be able to use those hours for your renewal as long as those hours are early childhood or child development training hours.

As a Family Child Care provider how do I verify my 80 hours of work experience?
The 80 hours of work experience would have to be verified by your ECE reviewer. Your ECE reviewer should be familiar with your work with children and that you operate a daily Family Child Care to verify the 80 hours of training. Often, your ECE reviewer will require obtaining documentation that you have worked 80 hours with children. If the ECE reviewer request to verify the 80 hours of training, you would have to obtain verification that you have worked those hours, and forward that to your ECE reviewer so they can verify those hours.

I have taken online classes, Can I count all of those hours toward my renewal?
We accept online training for the education component as long as it has been provided through a training agency. Online classes should provide a certificate of completion that should be specific to your credential type. You would then use the training verification form to account for those hours.

How can I upload documents to your Online Application System?
We have a created an easy to follow video that will show you step-by-step how to download your documents to yourCDA. To view the video click HERE.


How can I update my last name?
-If your last name has changed since you were issued your most recent current credential, you must submit official documentation of your name change.
-You will need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.
-If you are submitting an on-line renewal application, please make sure to fax or mail your proof of change of last name before completing the renewal process.
-If you are submitting a paper application, please be sure to indicate in the designated area on the application that you have a different last name and submit your proof of last name with your application.

I no longer work in the setting of my CDA Credential, can I renew in a different setting?
You can only renew in the setting of the CDA credential for which you were awarded. If you are working in a different setting other than the one for which you received your CDA credential, and would like to obtain a second credential in the new setting, you must apply for an initial CDA credential. Remember All renewal requirements are specific to the credential type you are renewing.
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Does my payment have to be submitted with the cover letter?
Yes. Your payment must be submitted with the cover letter. This ensures that your payment is matched with your online application.

James Mckenzie is currently the Digital Marketing Specialist at the Council for Professional Recognition.    



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