Meet the Men of Early Childhood Education

August 23, 2020

Only a small portion of early childhood educators are men, but their presence can make a powerful impact on children’s lives. Last month, we invited our community to nominate men who demonstrate a commitment to early childhood education. Through your nominations, we discovered male educators’ work on a global scale; inspiring projects driven by men’s devotion to children’s flourishing and advancement.

Though less than 3% of preschool/ kindergarten teachers (and less than 6% of childcare workers) are men, male educators are continuously looking for new ways to facilitate change and growth within the field. Our CEO, Dr. Calvin Moore, Jr.—a CDA® holder and former preschool teacher himself—is passionate about recognizing the role of men’s involvement in early childhood development.

We are grateful for the unique gifts that men bring to the classroom, their families, and to our field. To all the early childhood male educators, administrators, specialists, advocates, and scholars who invest your energy, time, and heart each day: thank you. You are the #MenofECE that we are delighted to celebrate!


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