Focus on Early Childhood Education in Michigan: The CDA® Investor Impact Series

June 26, 2024

The CDA Investor Impact Series puts a spotlight on early childhood organizations and thought leaders who are offering solutions and opportunities for our field. They include for-profit and nonprofit groups, community-based organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, and child care resource and referral agencies. What unites them is the innovative steps they are taking to ensure all educators are competent and can advance in their careers. That’s also the Council’s goal, so we value the work our CDA investors are doing to promote the credential by offering high-quality CDA training, providing funding, recruiting Professional Development Specialists and supporting high school CDA cohorts. Learn more about the strategies our CDA investors are using to advance the CDA when we feature a different investor each quarter in CounciLINK. In the months to come, we encourage you to invest a few minutes to read our series. You’ll learn how you, too, can make an impact on CDA candidates and guide them toward success.

Our inaugural spotlight features Kelsey Laird and the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children. Read on to learn about the steps that Kelsey is taking at the Michigan AEYC to move Michigan’s early childhood professionals ahead.


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