Getting to Know the Council

January 24, 2024

Meet Thia

Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO

“Teachers are losing the battle to provide efficient and effective education to children these days. Lawmakers are making it tough for educators to do their job; but with the right tools provided by the CDA [educators] can make the difference for many years to come.”

Thia Fox doesn’t see quality teaching as a luxury, but as a necessity in our children’s lives. At the Council, Thia works to help encourage individuals who are passionate about teaching to apply for their CDA. This is because Thia knows that with a CDA, they can make the biggest difference in children’s lives, if given access to the best and most high-quality available teaching resources.

Thia also knows the home is the first place where education, nurturing, and loving of others begin, and she believes that it is our duty as family members to pass on knowledge to future generations. She is the mother of a beautiful, accomplished daughter, now 30, and in the past was the loving pet owner of a Grey Nose Pitbull named Zeus. In her spare time, she can be found visiting her family or gardening and enjoying the hummingbirds.

Thia attributes her personality to having traveled to so many different places as a child, an experience she owes to her father, who served in the United States Army. Additionally, she can trace her belief in her dreams and drive to see things through to her grandmother, Martha Lawson or “She-Ro,” one of the first African American women in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to own her own business—a bakery. Those experiences helped to build her character, increase her compassion for life and strengthen her personality. Life, after all, is what you make it, and Thia makes her life rich with knowledge, connections and love.


(Pictured from left to right; Thia at age 4; Thia and her daughter Cydney)




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