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June 26, 2024

Meet Yong

Senior Manager (IT)

“The CDA is important because early childhood teachers work with young learners during the most formative stage of life. In those first few years, children are like sponges, and I believe CDA holders know how to use best practices to help children learn and grow.”

Yong Woo Kwon embodies the values of kindness, community spirit and inclusion both at home and work where he serves on the Council’s IT team. Like all the Council’s staff, he knows that teachers can build a sense of inclusion. He had a sixth-grade teacher, Ms. Abt, who showed him how much of an impact teachers can have when they make all children feel like they belong. Ms. Abt. tailored her classes to reflect her students’ diverse backgrounds, and Yong felt seen and proud of who he was when she taught Korean history to the class. By doing so, Ms. Abt used the classroom to build cultural bridges and helped Yong’s classmates understand him and his family better.

People understand Yong best when they know how important family is to him. He is happily married and has a 3-year-old son to whom he passes on his core values, like the duty of giving back to the community around you. “Nobody is so poor that he has nothing to give, and nobody is so rich that he has nothing to receive,” Yong says, quoting his hero St. John Paul. And Yong shows he’s a hero in his household by always keeping his word. For instance, he told his wife when they got married that they would go to all six Disney parks, and they have already been to five. So, Yong has nearly fulfilled that promise! And he brings the same sense of commitment to work. All Council staff know they can count on him to assist them kindly and make them feel they belong. In this way, he gives his all to the early learning community we serve.


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