New Tools, Features Bolster Benefit of New ‘YourCouncil’

February 28, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on February 28, 2019

As many of you know, we launched “YourCouncil,” our new online portal, almost six months ago in mid-September 2019.

There are many benefits to YourCouncil that build upon the big steps we took together with CDA 2.0 online credential processing in 2013.

Among the new features in YourCouncil:

  • You can easily track your progress so you know exactly where you are in the application process
  • You have an easy to use email box to receive notices/updates at each step of the application process
  • Candidates can schedule their Verification Visit using a new the interactive scheduling tool
  • Agencies can easily apply payments to candidates through their online account
  • Home Visitor candidates can now apply online (initial and renewal)
  • Exam accommodations and assessments in other languages can now be requested online
  • One account can be used for multiple CDA credentials. Candidates no longer have to create multiple accounts each time they renew.
  • YourCouncil has a beautiful new look with improved navigation that is integrated with the Council Store
  • Responsive design is built in for use on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone)

To apply online as a new initial candidate, create a new account at

To renew your credential online, go to and click forgot password. As an existing credential holder, you already have an account created for you.


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