Tips for Finding High-Quality CDA® Training Providers

September 26, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on September 26, 2019

Tips for Finding High-Quality CDA Training ProvidersAs a CDA® candidate, you should look for high-quality training providers. Here is some guidance for finding a strong training provider or education program that will help you successfully complete your CDA®.

Invest in yourself: Don’t settle for the first program you come across; your education and time are valuable. Look for programs that offer robust curricula and comprehensive services that will support you through each stage of the process, including building your Professional Portfolio, applying online and helping you find resources to fund your application.

One size does not fit all: Everyone’s circumstances differ. This means that traditional training models may not be right for you. Look into online or hybrid models, as these provide added flexibility and accessibility.

Get your money’s worth: Ensure that you receive the full amount of training that you pay for. If you are applying for your initial CDA®, you will need 120 hours of professional education; you will need 45 hours if you are renewing your CDA®. If you locate a training provider that offers CDA® courses but claims you can complete your courses in a “fast track,” you may not actually receive the full hours necessary to either earn or renew your credential.

Ensure the integrity of your application: While some training providers employ Professional Development Specialists (PD Specialist, or PDSTM), we encourage you to find a PDSTM who will support the integrity of your application. Be mindful of PDSTM practices, as these providers are held to high standards when working on behalf of the Council and serving you as the candidate.

Here’s how to get started: Browse through our list of training organizations that have successfully met the Council’s CDA® Gold StandardSM criteria to provide quality CDA® training, as well as our list of Council partners.

Remember that your work is important. You are changing the lives of children, and we are happy that you would choose to embark on this professional development journey.


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