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January 24, 2024

EdSurge’s 10 Most Popular Early Childhood Education Stories of 2023

We encourage you to read “We Need Better Pathways for Becoming an Early Childhood Teacher.” It resonated with readers so much that it reached number six on the list of most popular EdSurge articles of last year. This story of hope portrayed the CDA as a promising answer to the child care shortage we face. The CDA, as readers learned, is an effective, efficient and equitable way to train the skilled early childhood teachers who so many classrooms now lack. There’s a surge in support for the CDA because it answers the needs of rising teachers and those of the children they serve.


CDA Credential Opens a Career Path and Serves the Essential Child Care Industry

When the Council for Professional Recognition issued its millionth Child Development Associate® (CDA) Credential™ in September 2023, it was cause for celebration.



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Experts Speak: Autism and Apraxia

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