Climbing the Ladder

U. Dennis, Georgia

I started out in early childhood education in 1990 while in high school. After starting out as an afterschool teacher, I decided to continue in this profession at other childcare centers along the way. After being in this field for several years, when my job offered the CDA class, I joined in the group so I could become a professional teacher in this field. I became knowledgeable of different aspects of the whole child so I can meet their needs.

After receiving my CDA I was chosen to become a CDA advisor. I took the knowledge I learned to help other teachers become CDA Candidates as well in a quality care childcare center. All the Candidates I advised have passed their exam.

I look at the CDA as a rung on a ladder to climb to the top of my career. I was chosen to be a mentor to educators and won a prize for it.  Also, I have received several accolades from administration, co-workers, and parents of how well I work with children and how I take the time to meet the children’s needs. I have now been working in early childhood education for 27 years and still advising Candidates. I have an Associate Degree in Teacher Education and a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Administration. It will not stop there… I am currently enrolled to become certified as a trainer to help new and veteran educators to advance in the early childhood education field as well. I feel my CDA helped me to become an advocate for early childhood education while climbing the ladder to success.


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