Living the Difference – Learning with Children – Lekessia Jones, Texas

Lekessia Jones

When I first started the journey to become a CDA, I did not realize how much I would grow and learn as a professional. I am currently the mother of five and I also take care of other children — because of the children, I continue to learn new things every day.button

The joy of watching a toddler when they first grasp the concept of “I can serve myself,” or learn to use the potty is a great experience. I now have a career that I can enjoy, and it includes morning aerobics and outside experiences like bug hunts. To think all this came from wanting to better understand my own children and the children I teach each day!

Now I realize that they teach me so much in return. Because I work with these children, I am not stressed out in traffic any more. Once I was late to class and a fellow student asked “Why are you sad about the cars in your way? You got to hear music longer.” Ever since that day, I regard traffic as a chance to enjoy a favorite song.


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