A Great Vote of Confidence

Gloria Williams, Florida

I am an Assistant VPK Teacher with a local childcare group. I had a director who encouraged me to get my CDA. My short journey had begun. I, too, was a little hesitant and fearful of failing when I saw what was needed tobutton accomplish this task. The idea of having someone observe me made me nervous like test taking. Through prayer, support and encouragement of others, I made a decision to go for it. My CDA courses were completed online from August-December, 2010. I received my National CDA credentials in April, 2011. I give God praise for His word, understanding, and wisdom which is my foundation in life and rock to stand upon when faced with fear or any negatives that try to rob me of a great blessing. I would encourage others to go for it whether it’s early childhood education or any endeavor in life. Do it now. Have faith. Remember, things aren’t always the way they seem. It’s not as bad as it looks. After receiving the CDA credentials, I feel a lot more confident in my work with children of any age and have a great desire to be a professional in what I do and say.


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