You Are in Charge of Your Professional Development! – Lorinda Sowell, Idaho

Lorinda Sowell

I am a Native American from the Navajo tribe. I worked as a dental assistant until I moved to Pocatello, Idaho. After my move, I decided to change Lorinda_Sowellcareers. My husband encouraged me to see whether the local university had a program in early childhood education. I visited Idaho State University where I learned about the CDA program. I benefited from a good relationship with a professor who helped many Candidates complete the CDA process. I earned my CDA in 2005, my Associates Degree in 2006, and now I am working on completing my BA degree in ECE.

I became employed with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe Head Start program. Although Idaho State did not financially support my path to the CDA, the Idaho Stars program encourages and supports professional development. I know I must be in charge of my own professional growth. If I show the initiative to get more training and to get involved in professional activities, the state will support me financially. Opportunities for professional development are available to me.

I currently work full time with 15 preschool children. I also work very closely with their parents — every year I have four visits with parents: two home visits and, two center conferences. I also encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom. I was positively surprised by the level of purposeful incorporationbutton of Shoshone Bannock culture into the classroom practices. Such dynamic teaching and professional development environment helps me find my work very rewarding.



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