First CDA 2.0 Infant-Toddler Credential Holder – Briana Kennedy, Pennsylvania (CounciLINK, June 2013)

Briana Kennedy

Congratulations to Briana Kennedy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our first Infant and Toddler CDA to earn her credential using the new online system. Cheryl is a head teacher at Noah’s Baby Barn in New Jersey. Although she has only been at the current center for a short time, her interest in early childhood education began much sooner. Briana comes from a large family of 12 children and it was the combination of helping out at home and volunteering with her aunts Family Child Care business that really gave her the early childhood education spark. When asked what she loves most about her job, she said, “…it’s the reaction of the children. I love being greeted in the morning ‘Good morning Ms. Bri’.”Briana’s experience like most CDA’s started with her training, she stated, “(My trainer and PD Specialist) were so helpful from the beginning and made the process so much easier.” Applying online, Briana said was super easy, stating “Everything I needed was right there.” Briana could not get over how fast she went through the process, “I was shocked,” she said. Briana’s stepmother is a CDA Credential holder, so she knew how unusual it was that she completed the process so quickly. Her stepmother couldn’t believe it either, saying “How did you earn your CDA already, you just finished the class!” There was no doubt how proud Briana feels to have earned her CDA and faster than she ever thought possible.

Briana enjoyed the CDA credentialing process from start to finish. Even the test site, she stated was, “relaxing and calm.” Pearson took very good care of her during the scheduling and testing experience, giving clear instructions and having a clean, spacious desk area for testers.

Briana’s final advice to potential CDA Candidates, “Applying for your CDA online is a must, it’s more convenient and in the end you will receive everything a lot faster.”


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