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August 23, 2023

We Need Better Pathways for Becoming an Early Childhood Teacher

I became an early childhood teacher because, like so many others, I dream of making abundant, equitable access to high-quality early childhood education a reality.

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Free Housing for Educators: Early Childhood Center in New Haven Tests Out a First-of-Its-Kind Concept

NEW HAVEN, Conn — Throughout the country and in Connecticut, many teachers are being paid poverty-level wages. Because of that, an early childhood center in New Haven is finding a way to help educators through housing.

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Philadelphia High School Grads Enter Early Childhood Careers Thanks to New District Partnership

As teacher shortages continue to be an issue across the country, the School District of Philadelphia is celebrating the success of a new program that launched three recent high school graduates into early childhood careers.

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Parents, Kids Can Try Several Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

Strong reading comprehension skills are one of the foundations of a successful academic career. According to the Institute of Reading Development, students with strong reading comprehension skills get a big boost in all subjects, including math and science.

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