Maryland Early Childhood Educators: You Can Earn Your CDA at No Cost

February 22, 2024

The Maryland State Department of Education knows that the early years are the most crucial time for brain development and the bedrock for lifelong success. So, it has published a “Blueprint for the Future” that sets out ways to build equity in early education and prepare all children for school. The Blueprint provides more opportunities for Maryland children to learn, and means more opportunities for the state’s teachers, too.

Maryland Early Childhood Educators: You Can Earn Your CDA at No Cost

Did you know over 13,000 Maryland educators now hold a CDA® credential? They play a vital role in guiding young learners toward success, as the Maryland State Department of Education already knows. So, the department has partnered with the Council to provide funding that can assist CDA holders in renewing their credentials. In addition, if you are interested in applying for the CDA, you can take advantage of this opportunity too. The funding assistance includes the online assessment or renewal fee and publications. The deadline for applying for the funds is fast approaching, so get ready to learn more or apply for the funds. Start building your own future by clicking here.

Take advantage of this cost-effective way to renew or earn your CDA. It will assist you in the classroom—and advance your early childhood career.


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