Evelyn Moore Continues Advocating for High-Quality ECE

August 23, 2018

Published by CounciLINK on August 23, 2018

EM collageEvelyn K. Moore provided a living history lesson during an August Lunch and Learn session at the Council for Professional Recognition. Moore spent her professional life dedicated to improving the lives of African American children through early childhood education. During her visit to the Council, she shared her perspective on the challenges and triumphs she experienced in her extensive career as a teacher, leader, advocate, and strategist for quality and equality in early childhood education, especially in the lives of young African American children.

In the 1960’s, Moore transitioned from her role as a special education teacher to an early educator for the Perry Preschool Project a program designed to provide high-quality preschool education to three- and four-year-old African American children living in poverty and assessed to be at high risk of school failure. The original Perry Preschool Project was 1962-1967.

The Perry Preschool Project was a groundbreaking study and is one of the most famous continuous education experiments of the last 50 years. The study observed and evaluated the short and long-term effects of high-quality preschool education for low income and high-risk African-American children.

“I enjoyed listening to her life story. It was very inspirational and gave good insight into how, although we may think we have nothing, we can always use that as the drive to strive to do better for ourselves and those around us,” said Daisha Coley, Customer Service Associate at the Council.

Later, Moore co-founded the National Black Child Institute (NBCDI) headquartered in Washington, D.C. For 38 years she led NBCDI and constantly worked to improve and advance early education for young African American children. Moore continues to defend and support the need for universal childcare which includes access to high-quality early childhood education for all children regardless of race, economic level, or other identifiers.

“Listening to Ms. Moore’s journey, proves once again that our only boundaries are the ones we place on ourselves,” says Maya Yeshurun, Social Media Manager at the Council.

Moore strongly believes that all children deserve the benefits of a high-quality education. Her work and passion continue to inspire those seeking to make a difference in the lives of all young children.

“I feel grateful for having the opportunity to listen to such a terrific advocate for excellence in the ECE field, someone who has been at the forefront of promoting the utmost importance of Child Care and Education for so many years. It was refreshing, very educational and ‘mind-blowing.’ Evelyn Moore’s commitment to this cause should be imitated, duplicated and replicated!” said Joel Padilla, Bilingual Communications Specialist at the Council.


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