Getting to Know the Council

March 27, 2024

Meet Ashley

Innovation & Quality Assurance Manager

“Learning is the building block by which children grow and develop to be active members of society. Building a strong foundation of learning at an early age impacts society as a whole and truly is the difference in young people’s lives.”  

There once was a veteran in the education field with a 40-year history as a teacher who had a daughter. She taught her daughter 1. To value and seek out others’ opinions, 2. To have a passion for and value learning, 3. To always be her best self, 4. To have confidence, and 5. To value continual learning, as it will shape her path forward. That daughter is Ashley Zahorchak and she currently works at the Council for Professional Recognition. “ECE educators are superheroes!” Ashley states with enthusiasm, “The CDA is so important because it demonstrates the importance of the development of children birth to five while providing opportunities for growth in a professional role.”

Ashley followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a teacher before joining the Council. Her background in the field always shines through in her work. “Early childhood educators nurture growth in young children that is truly magical, and they play a special role in shaping the future of those they teach,” Ashley says. In addition to her work at the Council, Ashley is also the mother of two children. She is passionate about helping others and adamantly attests to the importance and value of being kind and gentle.


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