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May 22, 2024

Despite Increased Funding and Support, Early Learning Enrollment Lags in Several States

When Dr. Deborah Bergeron, Deputy Director of Community Engagement Innovation at the National Head Start Association, was a high ​school ​principal, she saw potential early learning professionals in many of her students — and she often encouraged them to pursue Child Development Associate (CDA) certificates. ​

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At Least a Dozen States Are Considering Free Child Care for Early Educators

A program that began in Kentucky as a novel idea to rebuild the early childhood workforce — and, in effect, buoy the broader labor market — has quickly spread to states across the country.

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Washington, D.C.

DC Child Care Advocates Protest Planned Budget Cuts for FY25

Ahead of a final public hearing for D.C.’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget, over a hundred early childhood educators, parents, and allies are rallying in protest of cuts to a childhood care funding program, according to a statement

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Nonprofit Boosts Early Learning in Rural Arkansas by Upgrading Educator Qualifications

The need for child care and early learning is critical, especially in rural Arkansas.

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