17 PD Specialists Hit 100 Verification Visits in 4th Quarter 2018!

January 24, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on January 24, 2019

100 Verification Visit CertificateAt every Verification Visit, a PD Specialist puts their early childhood education skills and passion to work as a guide for a soon-to-be CDA Candidate. PD Specialists are an invaluable resource in our industry and they continue to do a fine job in our communities.

So each quarter, the Council presents the PD Specialist 100 Platinum Award.

Platinum signifies this achievement because it’s a precious metal that is revered for its endurance and beauty. It also is a color that represents “determination, grit and seeing our manifestations through to completion.” Platinum is recognized worldwide for celebrating crossing a 100th threshold.

It is a pleasure to recognize our newest recipients of the PD Specialist 100 award:

  • Annmarie Malchenson – PA
  • Bobbie Lee – GA
  • Rita Rzezuski – MA
  • Francine Bonin – LA
  • Raizy Sprung – NY
  • Vivian Echevarria – PR
  • Jennifer Baker – PA
  • Maria G. Garcia – CO
  • Gail Roberts – TX
  • Alice Lemire – NJ
  • Vangie Moffett – LA
  • Kym Shaw Day – TX
  • Claudia Solis – FL
  • Suzanne Schneider – NE
  • Stephanie Dockweiler – NY
  • Arlendra Zenon – LA
  • Mirna Ruiz – NJ

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