Getting to Know the Council

December 12, 2023

Meet Jan

Chief Financial Officer, Council for Professional Recognition

“Invest in yourself. Early childhood education is a growing industry and having a CDA will help you advance as you continue your career.”

Working with the Council comes naturally for Jan Bigelow as her passion is helping others, much like her favorite superhero, Storm (from X-Men). But Jan’s passion isn’t limited to any one field, entity, or person. During her battle with cancer, Jan was fortunate to have the support of her husband, and she’s never forgotten the impact that having the support of another person during that time. Now fully recovered, Jan likes to give back by delivering meals to the terminally ill through Food & Friends. Jan also makes it a point to savor every second of her life by experiencing all that she can. She’s incredibly active and loves being in the water. She takes every aquatic class she can at her local YMCA, including water polo, springboard diving, and even synchronized swimming. When she’s home and not taking road-trips, Jan and her husband are typically surrounded by anywhere from 1 to 4 dogs at a time. Jan is currently anxiously anticipating the happy marriage of her daughter, which will occur this coming April.




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