Partnering with the Council

March 26, 2021

The Council is pleased to announce the latest list of organizations that are joining us as new or renewal partners. They include Penn Foster College, Origins Learning Community, Northeast Community College, IowaAEYC, Too Small to Fail, YWCA Minneapolis, Penn State Better Kid Care, Continued Early Childhood Education, Learning Care Group, Early Childhood Connections, ICPR Junior College, Northern Lights at Community College of Vermont and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

These formal partnerships benefit both the organizations and the Council. Partners receive premier account support and technical assistance, recognition of their special relationship with the Council and opportunities to join us on key strategic endeavors. Working closely with our partners also helps the Council by advancing major components of our mission: elevating the early childhood profession, increasing the number of qualified early childhood teachers and learning from direct practitioners in our field.

You share our sense of commitment to young learners throughout the nation and the world. So, take advantage of this chance to extend the reach of your work and ensure young children get the quality education they need. Learn more about partnering with the Council by clicking here.


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