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March 23, 2022

Impacting the Classroom

Looking to expand your podcast playlist? Listen and subscribe to Impacting the Classroom, a podcast from Teachstone that brings together policymakers, researchers, and educators to discuss the current early education landscape. In one recent episode, Equity Is an Action Word, Dr. Rosemarie Allen shares the first steps that both businesses and schools can take to be more culturally competent and mindful of their students and staff.


Introduction to the CLASS® Tool for Caregivers

As an educator, you’re probably always looking for ways to support young learners through the power of meaningful interactions, as measured by the CLASS tool. Teachstone created a simple blog post and handout for you to share with families that explain the value of high-quality interactions and what they look like. Share these resources with caregivers to create a common language for how to support children at home and school.


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