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June 27, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on June 27, 2019


Q: I am a Professional Development Specialist (PDS) and would like to teach the CDA Classes.

A: Being a PDS, your role is to conduct the Verification Visits of CDA candidates. Serving as a PDS does not give you the approval to teach CDA classes. The Council accepts training to meet the education requirement of 120 hours when coursework was done under the auspices of an agency/organization or institution with expertise in teacher preparation. To teach CDA classes, you must work under the umbrella on those agencies, organizations or institutions. Each of them has guidelines for hiring their CDA instructors.

Q: I would like to apply for Special Accommodations for my exam. What do I need to do?
A: Well, it depends. If you are planning on applying using the paper application, you need to complete the Special Accommodations Request Form found at under “Resources” and “downloadable forms.” You should complete it and send it to the Council for approval. If approved, Council staff will attach the approved form to your paper CDA application.

If you plan to apply online using our YourCouncil system, you will complete your request for CDA Exam Special Accommodations during the pre-application stage. Once approved, you will be able to proceed to complete your CDA application.

Q: How can I locate a Home Visitor PDS?

A: You can use the map provided on our website (under the PDS Specialist Tab and Find a PDS). Once you click on the selections provided, please note if the PDS has the required Home Visitor endorsement written as part of his or her description. If you are unable to locate a PDS using the map, please contact the Council for help at

Q: I have applied to become a PDS to conduct Home Visitor Verification Visits. I have a degree in ECE and plenty of experience working in homes, as I used to run my own family child care program. However, I was not accepted. Why?

A: Although you have extensive experience in family child care, the Council requires PDS prospects applying for Home Visitor endorsement to have experience in home-visiting programs. Having experience in family child care programs is not the same as having experience with home-base (home-visiting) programs. Family child care involves the care and education of children in a home. Home visiting involves experience with programs of adult educators whose job it is to conduct home visits to educate adults in their homes so they can learn the skills they need to care and educate their children.


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