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September 27, 2023


Three Teaching Tips from a Top Pre-K Educator

The first few weeks in a classroom can help set the tone for the rest of the school year. Building a sense of safety and belonging for young students early on is critical, said Berol Dewdney, a pre-K teacher and Maryland’s 2023 teacher of the year.

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What’s in the Pipeline to Help Maine Workers with Children

The state of Maine is working to boost access to and the affordability of child care.

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What Brings Your Child Joy? How Oregon is Reinventing the Kindergarten Transition

Just a few weeks after Oregon’s Department of Early Learning and Care broke off from the state’s Department of Education to become its own separate agency, Early Learning Nation spoke to Chief of Policy and Research David Mandell and K-2 Balanced Assessment Specialist Sody Fearn.

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Fort Worth Child Care Workers Strive for Higher Wages through Camp Fire Program

Five bucks an hour. That was all Arlington resident Connie Wilson made when she started working as an early educator in 1989.

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